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How to get a Great Ebook Cover

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The upsurge of ebook publishing on Amazon and other places means that there is a great need for ebook covers. Not all writers know how to create their own ebook cover design, and so they pay often big bucks for someone else to design and create it for them. It is not hard to learn to do your own ebook cover design and make a good job of it. You can do this in an ebook cover software program or with power point.

The only trouble with getting someone else to do your ecover design is no matter what you pay you may not like the finished results. If you have a picture in your imagination that you would like for your cover design it is hard for the ebook cover creator to get it the way you want just from your description.

If the ecover picture is to be of a person, you could try finding one that fits the bill and then ask your ecover illustrator to copy it as closely as possible. Make sure you see a portfolio of their work so that you see what their talents are. Some can draw great backgrounds or design with abstract art, but when it comes to an action figure the result is lifeless and sticklike.

The main thing you need to do when designing your own ecover is to find a picture and place text over the top of it. This is easy to do in power point. Or you could have a smaller picture with your title and name above or below (or both) in colored strips, like the ebook cover on the left. This is ideal if the graphics you like best only seem to look good in landscape rather than portrait which is the best shape for an ebook cover.

Where can you get the cover graphics from? One you took yourself with a digital camera might be suitable. Or you could go to a digital photo site such as fotolia.com and buy cheap photos. Or you might be able to use clip art. Make sure the rights to all photos that you buy include using it for ebook covers.

It is also important to use an appropriate image - a photo or picture and appropriate colors for the topic of your ebook. A mystery or murder story should not be done in bright yellow and red. Unless the red is blood, of course! A romantic comedy should not have dark or dingy colors on it.

If you create your own ebook cover in power point or any other software, you can fiddle with it as much as you like until you are satisfied. If you pay another person to do it, you have to use it whether you like it or not, or you will have wasted your money.

When using PowerPoint, you will need to save your finished ecover creation in jpg format. To do this, click on the picture to make sure that the corners and sides are marked and then click on save and choose the jpeg interchange format from the dropdown menu. With practice you can make some really stunning covers.

You can also go online and find ebook cover templates to use for a professional book cover look. Many websites offer pre-designed templates that you need only place your book title and author name on. Of course, you do run the risk of other authors choosing the same template picture for their book.

The main thing to remember is that you can actually create your own professional ebook cover design with just a gentle learning curve. Better still, you can change it to another cover after a few months if your ebook sales don't seem to be as good as you expected. Changing the cover is one of the many book promotion tips experts offer. It costs nothing to make your own killercovers and you can have lots of fun doing it.

This ecover design was done by a person on Fiver for a reasonable cost. You can tell by the background that it is a sci-fi genre and that the protagonist gets into some dangerous situations. These are good selling points for your ebook. However, the figure does look a bit plastic and the gray part of the background seems rather bland. It was supposed to look forested which means it should have been a dark green.

If you decide to find a professional ebook illustrator and designer you have to be really specific about every element of the cover design. Tell them how you want the figure to look, what colors to use for each section and so on. Otherwise the resulting cover will not be satisfactory. You will also need to specify the finished size in pixels so it will be suitable for Amazon or wherever you intend to upload your ebook. The size requirements specifications are usually found on the websites. To save time and costs, you can just have them illustrate a picture and then add your own text using powerpoint. That way you can play with the effects and placing to see where it looks best.

It's all good fun, dudes.

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