Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How do You Create the Titles for Your Books?

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I read lots of books and ebooks as well as writing my own and I know lots of others do too. So how do you go about creating an interesting title for your book?

Most authors know that the title is the vital first step in enticing a reader to open up the page and ultimately buy the book. This means that a title should be not only interesting, but it should really leap off the cover and make the reader wonder what the book is about.

One famous author has a title; "The Monkey's Raincoat". This is so intriguing that you nearly want to buy the book before reading the back cover blurb.

Dick Francis goes for really short and punchy titles, while other authors have had success with really long titles.

Often, the title can come from some pertinent part of the book. It can give a hint about what kind of book it is - e.g. a romance or a thriller. If it is done right it will draw the reader in; if not, they will walk on by and leave your book on the shelf.

So how do you choose your titles? And what is your favorite author's best title?

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