Sunday, 23 December 2012

Buy Ebooks as Gifts

Are you one of those people who leave your gift shopping till the last minute - often because you don't know what to buy? Or maybe you do it early, then after some thought decide it's not enough and you need a last minute gift or two?

Don't get int a flap if you need some more gifts. Buy something online and you won't even have to leave your home. And you can get great gifts at a small price when you choose ebooks from Amazon. These are totally appropriate to go with that new ereader that you bought. Or if you didn't buy one, simply download a Kindle app from Amazon for free and then you can access as many ebooks as you like - some are even free.

You can do this for your children who have their own laptops and are allowed on the Internet. There are many great kids ebooks on Amazon.

Try Aisle Five, a time warp story about two kids who fall through a time warp onto a 1951 farm and why one chooses to stay there. And why the other is running down a street carrying the oldest chook in the world.

Or you might like a story about soccer for girls, Stinky and the Permission Note - Will Stinky ever get that permission note signed?

Or a short futuristic story with environmental themes Matt Moonrunner Saves an Alien. Who kidnapped all the Chewmushies from Moon City and Can Matt and Malla save them?

All good fun.

Till Later Dudes


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