Thursday, 20 December 2012

Do You Read to Your Toddler?

Hey Dudes,

As parents we usually like to ensure our child has everything they need, but don't stop at physical things such as food warmth and clothing. Of course they are important, but so is your child's emotional development.

Fostering imtimacy with your child can be done in many ways. Hugs and kisses, helping them play and reading to them are all part of it.

Introducing them to the wonderful world of stories from the time they are tiny will help to instill a love of reading - which will in turn help them to become good students and creative people as they get older.

 It teaches them many things about the world around them in an atmosphere where they can feel safe and loved.

To give your child a love of reading is to give them a gift that is priceless.

Read your child a book today,

Till later, dudes


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