Monday, 5 November 2012

Do You Write with a Pen?

That may seem a silly question, but these days you don't actually need to use a pen or pencil to write. I really asked that question of authors. How do you like to write? Do you sit at the computer and stare into the screen while your story takes shape and your characters go off on their adventures?
Some authors feel that the pc kills creativity. They much prefer to curl up in a warm corner with a pillow and an apple and wield magic with their trusty pen. My warm corner is usually filled with ants that bite or ticks that sneak up on me only to inject their poison in the dead of night.

Years ago I wrote longhand on a large A4 writing pad. The finished ms was almost impossible for any but me to decipher. Then I discovered that computers had a delete button and that you could move anything from one letter to a whole paragraph or more from one place to another. This would be like heaven! Yay for technology!

Here is a litle ditty I wrote in those days just for fun. It is not quite true for me as my imagination often goes into overdrive while at the PC, especially now that I can type faster than I can write.

Computer vs. Pen

  © Zack A Tack

Computer hums, keyboard clicks,
Mouse darts busily to and fro
Deleting blocs of prose
Or moving single words into position.
Business-like, efficient
And cold.
Imagination dies.

Sunny corner, paper flips.
Birds dart busily building nests
Lines write themselves, ideas flow
Teeming, jostling, pushing in delighted haste
Through my pen to paper.
In warmth
Imagination lives.

Wish my pen
Had a button called Delete.

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