Friday, 30 November 2012

As an Author, do You Read?

Many authors get so caught up in writing that they stop reading. Why do you need to read?
  • You need balance in your life and reading is one way to establish it.
  • You learn from other authors.
  • You get good ideas from other authors.
  • It's fun
  • It teaches your kids to read if they see you enjoying it
  • You learn lots of stuff.
I am a real bookworm. Here is a funny story. One day I was walking across the paddock reading a book, put my foot on some hard cow dung, sprained my ankle, fell over and bounced downhill, dropped my book and lost my place in the story. Of all those things, losing my place was the worst. lol. Later I was glad it was hard dung and not soft.

till later dudes,


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  1. Thanks for that...I'm a literary publicist and have to remind myself to read too ;) What are some of your favorite books? I have a recommendation for you, more info below:

    I'm Cristina Deptula with Synchronized Chaos International Magazine, and we're inviting you to review emerging author Brant Waldeck's children's adventure series, The Adventures of Bruten & Tommy.

    The first book in the series, The Secret of the Portals, is suited for elementary and middle school aged kids. The story follows a two boys as they explore caverns, enter fantastic new worlds, and overcome dangers together. Can they protect the riches of the newfound worlds from scheming thieves and find their way safely home?

    The Secret of the Portals began as a series of original bedtime stories Brant made up to tell his sons. He decided to write them down when he realized how much fun this was, both for him and for the children, who anticipated his nightly cliffhanger endings.

    Waldeck says children appreciate his writing because his books are stuffed full of action and adventure. The characters are always up hiking, climbing, exploring and defending the worlds in epic battles - and the book's themes come out naturally as part of the story. There's a sense of justice and friendship in the Secret of the Portals, good wins out in the end as the boys work together. But it takes them awhile, they have to be brave through a whole lot of twists and turns.

    Waldeck's new to writing, but has a professional background in marketing and communication. He grew up in a rural Ohio small town, which subconsciously served as inspiration for the books' setting. As he remembers, kids his age always had something to do, even without the mall or the iPad!

    We're offering you a free paperback, Kindle or PDF copy of the Secret of the Portals if you'd like to write a review. Please reply and let us know if you would be interested, and we will get the book off to you!

    You may learn more about Brant Waldeck on his blog at

    The paperback is available for purchase on Amazon and Ebooks are available on Amazon,, iBooks, the Sony eBook store, and other niche outlets.

    Title Secret of the Portals
    Author Brant Waldeck
    Publisher Create Space
    Length 226 pages
    Subjects Boys, Adventure, Outdoors, Suspense
    ISBN 978-1480030565
    Size 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches
    Suggested price $10

    Thank you very much!