Thursday, 11 October 2012

Will Your Child be a Good Scholar?

Once a upon a time there was no need to worry about your kids having a good education because there were plenty of jobs around for which minimal training was needed. That was a long time ago. These days the only way to break the poverty cycle is to ensure your child becomes a good scholar so that they can get training for a highly paid job.

But when you hold your new-born in your arms, you don't usually think this far ahead. Often it is not until the child becomes a teen that you suddenly realise that their grades are not good enough to train for that dream job. What can be done?

It is important for parents of younger children to instil into them a love of reading. When a child loves reading they will do it a lot and so become very fluent readers - and writers. This will quickly trainslate into being a good scholar because the child who can read quickly will grasp the meaning of the written word quickly. They will then easily keep up with their studies as they get older.

So how do you instil that love of reading?

  •  Make sure that they have books to read right from a young age.
  •  Read them books that they love.
  •  Play games that enourage them to recognise letters and words. You can buy or make flashcards to do this, or use their favorite book. make sure the books have lots of good quality pictures, especially for little ones.
  •  Visit the local library often with your child and let them join in any activities run by the library.
  •  For the older child, find out what they love most and provide books on that subject.
  •  Girls who love ponies or boys who love trains should be give books on those topics.
Many parents buy their kids computer games as these are the in thing at the moment. But you can also get computer games that are educational. They teach reading and spelling skills.

However, often the cheaper way to get your child to love reading is to provide them with e-books or hard copy books. Responsible parents who want the best for their child will see to it that they learn to read well, instilling into them a love of books from as early as two years of age.

Scroll down to find ebooks for boys and girls on this website. Click on august and September to find more. Follow the links and purchase a suitable book as the first step in your quest to make your child a good scholar.

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