Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Writing Journey

Hi Dudes,

How did your writing journey start? My writing journey started because I was alone and broke, living on a farm with no car, no public transport and no phone - so no interruptions. Hey, that is soo good for thinking - and those thoughts just took off and created another world where Prince Jed - and many others - had lots of adventures.

When I say I was broke, I did have enough money to buy a thick writing pad and some pens. Later on I bought a non-electric typewriter. Computers were way out of my budget for many years. But finally some clever person made me one out of his bits and pieces, left over from various upgrades to his own. Wow! I was in heaven.

Being able to move whole blocks of text around the screen instead of having tiny handwriting going up the edges of the page with arrows to show where they were meant to go was something else.

Finally I got hooked up to the Internet and found out ways and means to make money with my writing. So even when stories were rejected I still had some kind of income.  I had started on the rocky road to becoming a freelance writer. Writing articles is not nearly as much fun as writing fiction, but it meant the added satisfaction of money in my bank account.

Why not share your writing journey in the comments box?

Till later, dudes


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