Monday, 22 October 2012

Will Girls Rule the World?

Most people embrace the digital revolution for all the wonderful opportunities it presents. It is certainly true that it has changed the way we do things and mostly for the better – but is it ruining your child’s future?

With the upsurge in computer games, most kids are spending the biggest percentage of their free time playing games where the only mental effort they need to make is to tell their thumb to press a button. Okay, that might not be quite true, but this world still requires human beings to be able to read and write well, if they are to do well enough at school to get those high paying jobs.

And I’m sorry folks if you disagree, but developing those skills takes time and effort. When kids do not make this time and effort they will fall through the cracks of education and end up out on the streets – or with some low-paid job they hate. Few children will turn to books and writing unless they are encouraged to do so by their parents. Boys especially would much rather play sport or computer games.

This poses the question: will the world soon be run by women as the only ones who can read and write sufficiently to do the necessary things? What do you think?

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