Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How Your Child Can Ace Those Exams

School exams are often dreaded by both children and parents alike. They seem to cause a great deal of stress and strain in the average household. But guess what? You as the parent can work towards eliminating that stress or preventing it altogether. How? One way is to ensure that your child becomes a good reader. Too simple? Not really and here is why.
  • When children are fluent readers and writers they will find their schoolwork much easier to handle. When something is relatively easy you do not hate or fear it.
  • When you know you are good at something you enjoy doing it.
  • You can then enjoy the challenge of exams, rather than looking forward with dread to that time of year.
Parents can ensure that their children become good readers simply by encouraging them to read. If this means buying books so be it. Books are a good investment in your child's future. However, you can always join the local library and borrow books or get used books from garage sales if you are on a budget.

Its not just the reading that must be encouraged, but writing too. Give your child pencils, pens and markers at an early age. Provide lots of paper and other media such as a blackboard or whiteboard to write on. Encourage them to write by any means possible. You can even have writing competitions at home for which children get prizes. Show your children that their schoolwork is important by displaying it on the refrigerator; don't screw it up and throw it in the bin.

To ensure your child reads and writes well, you may have to limit access to those popular computer games. Don't ban them altogether, but certainly do not allow your children to spend all their time clicking buttons. Get them enjoying other more creative forms of expressing themselves.

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