Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How I Started the Jeddon Series

It's all very well to say how you started writing as a career, but how you started each book you wrote is different again. So how did you start your last book? Did a name jump into your brain and demand attention? Or did you start with a plot, an idea or even just some kind of emotion that needed to be expressed?

When I started ESCAPE it was emotion - maybe I wanted subconsciously to escape from that isolation I mentioned in my last post. RETURN just begged to be written to resolve a few of Jed's problems, and in fact started off as part two of Jed's Escape, but certain editors thought it would be better as a separate story.

But I started writing QUEST, the third in the Jeddon Series, because suddenly there was a boy running from danger - and it was not Jed! So who was it? The scene was viewed through Jed's mind and thoughts, so it was someone he knew without knowing that he knew them, if that makes sense.

 In fact, I discovered once I started writing that the boy was actually Jed's identical twin brother. So why didn't Jed know who it was? You can find out by reading the first few pages of QUEST on Amazon.

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