Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Excerpt from Jed's Escape

Note: Jed's Escape is the first in the Jeddon Series. These ebooks are suitable for boys 9-15. Since there is also a girl as a major character, girls may also enjoy them.
Jed turned to face the old man again.“I will be ruler one day, Dirnll. See?” He pulled the Badge of Ruling up from where it hung. “Zarine will have her freedom, but you won’t, unless you help us now.”“You think you’ll rule just because you have the badge?” Dirnll sneered. “Vexson has all the power of Jeddon behind him.”“But he is not heir to the throne. It is mine by right of birth.:
Dirnll’s laughter sent shivers down Jed’s spine.“There is no way I can help you, even if I wanted to,” he said. “If I allowed you back to the desert, Vexson would take the knowledge of the paths from me and follow you. There is no safe place for you anywhere, Jed.”
It was true; Jed could see that. The only place he could go was into the starship, but how? Could they jump? Jed looked down.  The invisi-shield shimmered just below them. Where would the hatch be? He tried to envision the exact position, but could not.
“Go down, Jed. You are finished.” Dirnll raised his knife. “Vexson will kill you, or I will. Which is it to be?
Anger coursed through Jed. “You – if you dare!”
There was a flash of silver as Dirnll threw the knife.

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