Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Why Parents should Encourage Their Kids to Read

Some parents don't ever think to encourage their children to read. This is a big mistake because reading skills are so necessary in this world. Your kids won't be able to hold down a good job unless they can read well. They stand to get scammed by anyone if they cannot read properly.

Learning to read well starts in primary school and the best way to get them reading is to offer them reading material that excites or interests them. Some kids like how to books that teach them about a sport or a hobby. Others like the world of fiction. Many like to read about a character that they can empathize with. They virtually become that character while they are reading.

Certainly, they do this when watching television and dvds, but those forms of media do not help them practice their reading skills. They can do this best by reading books. Many boys like adventure books such as Jed's Escape and the others in the series. Remember that when your kids are reading they are not wasting time, but developing skills that will make their life better when they grow up.

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