Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How to get Your Child Reading

How well does your child read? The only way anyone can become a good reader is to practice reading. If your child cannot read well, they stand to get poor grades in high school or college. This will severely impact their ability to get the kind of career they want. In fact, almost every job requires you to read to some extent.

So if your child does not show much inclination to read, how can you encourage them?
  • Firstly find out what they like and buy or borrow books on the topic for them to read.
  • Join the local library and take them there regularly. show them how ot choose a book.
  • Buy them books for Christmas and birthdays. 
  • Even comics can help a reluctant reader get going.
  • Let them know how important it is to become a good reader.
  • Get them tutoring if they are very poor readers.
  • Buy them the latest e-book reader to download free and low-cost books to.
  • Buy books they like that are part of a series because then they will want to get all the rest and so have even more practice in reading.
While ebook readers may seem expensive, you will soon recover the cost because ebooks are so much cheaper than hard copy books. However you can get a free kindle app for the computer and download books onto that.

So what does your child like to read? They might like an adventure story for boys set on another planet, or a book for girls with a feisty heroine who is determined to get what she wants. Take the first step in getting your child to read well.


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